About Forensic DNA Experts

Dr. Monte Miller has the education, training and experience to provide expert services related to DNA, Crime Lab, Crime Scene Investigation, and Paternity (all kinships) in all arenas where scientific information related to these topics requires expert interpretation (see list at right of page). Dr. Miller is here to assist in making sense of this complex scientific subject matter and to testify in court on these matters when it is necessary.

After 6 years of DNA education, training and academic research while obtaining his PhD, Dr. Miller joined The Texas Dept. of Public Safety State Crime lab as a Forensic Scientist, working there as a Crime Scene Investigator,  biological specimen and DNA expert. Dr. Miller has distinguished himself as an expert witness, testifying on such matters as crime scenes, capital murder, sexual assault, assault, robbery, and others. After his departure Dr. Miller continued to be relied upon to testify on cases he had worked on behalf of TX-DPS.

From there Dr. Miller went on to be the Director of a private DNA lab that specialized in forensic cases, CODIS (National DNA Database) work, and paternity. Dr. Miller also acted as a consultant to explain and train lawyers and lay people to the power and dynamic importance of DNA evidence, testifying on such matters as criminal paternity and sexual assault.

Forensic DNA Experts is here to assist interested parties to interpret the scientific information and make it useful. As a seasoned lecturer Dr. Miller has a true gift for making very complex subject matter easy to understand.

Personal attention to detail and the needs of our clients is our hallmark. Dr. Miller handles all aspects of FDE cases from beginning to end, ensuring complete continuity for all aspects of a case. Dr. Miller is easy to get in touch with by phone or email and all consultations are kept privileged.

He can be flexible 24/7/365 for uninterrupted service, which is important for attorneys who work late or are located in different regions.

Call us if success matters.