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DNA Consulting in California

While our base of operation is in Southern California, this is by no means the only venue for our services. We work on cases from all over the United States and abroad. If you want the best scientist, consultant, and expert witness at your side, then Forensic DNA Experts will come to you. Most work can be done from our offices but we are able to travel to your location for court, seminars and any other opportunities that require our personal appearance. Of course all of our clients have 24-7-365 access to us, but California attorneys have unfettered access to us in person which appeals to many of our clients.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Attorneys will find our easy access very appealing as we can show up on a moments notice and easily meet in person to work through the details of the case.

San Diego

San Diego Attorneys will appreciate our availability and ability to come to their office anytime. It is another very short drive for us allowing us to provide the finest in personalized service that is the hallmark of our business.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach attorneys will enjoy having us in close proximity when they have a need. In fact we love Newport Beach so much they may need to ask us not to drop by.

Orange County

Orange County Attorneys are practically in our backyard and will find access to us both appealing and easy, allowing us to pamper them with continual personal access to us anytime.

Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (Inland Empire)

This is our backyard and where our physical presence is located Attorneys throughout the Inland Empire will find that we can make it to their offices almost as fast as an e-mail.


Malibu attorneys will find that we are anxious to meet with them in their office anytime, this may be our favorite place on earth.


Ventura attorneys will find that Forensic DNA Experts close proximity both appealing and convenient as we can meet with them personally on very short notice.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara attorneys will find us both willing and able to make the short drive to their offices. We are usually able to meet the same day, and as always, we work late.


Bakersfield attorneys will appreciate that we can meet with them personally and go over the details of the case at their convenience.

San Francisco

San Francisco attorneys will enjoy that we are able to come to their offices on short notice. Usually only one to two days notice is required.


Sacramento attorneys will also benefit from our close proximity to Northern California and our willingness to travel and meet there in person for depositions, strategy sessions, as well as seminars and training sessions. Only one or two days notice is usually required