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Interesting Uses of DNA Sequence Identification

DNA sequence identification is very useful in many ways. While some of the uses of DNA sequence identification by DNA experts are common and well known, there are also some interesting uses that you might not have thought or heard about.

One of the more well known uses of DNA sequence identification is through the use of the method by DNA experts in criminal cases. Using DNA to either correctly identify guilty criminals or exonerate someone who is not guilty is probably one of the best uses of DNA sequence identification that exists. Barring any unusual situations, it’s also one of the most foolproof methods of finding out the truth in many cases.

Another well known example of DNA experts using DNA sequence identification is using the technique to identify remains of the deceased. A popular example of this is during the September 11th World Trade Center attack. Most of the victims of this attack were able to be identified for their loved ones, though a small percentage of the remains were too severely destroyed to employ this method.

The Shoah Project is yet another example of an interesting use of the DNA sequence identification technique. This project has gathered genetic information about Holocaust survivors and their descendants. This information has been used to reunite living family members that were displaced by the Holocaust, and bring closure to families that have lost loved ones.

DNA experts have also used DNA sequence identification to trace human migration patterns throughout history. This is useful to families for identifying family lineage and when and how their ancestors either migrated or were displaced from one country or area to another.

Believe it or not, in some parts of Israel DNA testing is used to determine guilty parties when they don’t pick up their dogs feces. All dogs have their DNA entered into a computer system and if the owner fails to pick up their dogs feces they are fined.

DNA sequence identification is also used to track both endangered and migratory species. It can also be used to determine when new species appear, as well as help prosecute poachers who harm endangered species.

One lesser known example of DNA sequence identification include using the technique for sporting events such as at the Olympics and in the NFL. DNA sequencing can be used to guarantee the authenticity of merchandise and souvenirs. An example of this would be the testing of NFL footballs to prove authenticity.

One of the most exciting uses for DNA sequence identification is using it to test material from space. It can be used to test any foreign objects, material, or species to determine if it exists or has ever existed on Earth. Sometimes this information can also be used to determine an object’s origin even if it isn’t planet Earth.

The benefits that our society has reaped because of DNA sequence identification are immense. This number will only increase in time, leading to an unfathomable increase in knowledge gained for humankind.