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Expert Witness and Testimony Services

Dr. Miller has the education and experience to speak knowledgeably and authoritatively on crime lab and DNA evidence.  It is always important to have a knowledgeable consultant, one who can communicate the information to the attorneys as well as the court, but being an expert witness and providing testimony services is much more than knowing and telling. It is courtroom demeanor, presence, and the ability to teach complex topics to lay people in a manner they understand.

With all of the CSI shows on television, judges and juries often times cannot wait to hear the forensic expert testify and it is vital to a case that proper attention and weight is given to the evidence at hand. Dr. Miller is a PhD scientist who has specialized in DNA for many years and has a broad base of knowledge, both in research and in an accredited public forensic lab as a DNA Analyst, Serologist and crime scene investigator as well as a director of a private DNA lab. He has testified many times in court on forensics, serology (body fluids), crime scenes, and paternity.

He has worked on cases for State, Federal and Military Courts. He is a great orator and accomplished teacher. All of these attributes serve his clients well in court and can help you too. His eye contact with the jury, down-to-earth explanations and analogies are exceptional for getting attorneys and the court to understand the evidence and give it its due weight.

Many cases have been lost due to an incompetent expert, some can’t properly explain the evidence to the court, many do not get the juries attention, others do not properly prepare their attorneys, still more that simply do not seem credible, or a host of other mistakes that expert witnesses can make. Hire Forensic DNA Experts and avoid these critical errors that can torpedo an otherwise good case.

Hiring a DNA expert witness, or any other expert for that matter, is more than just paying for someone to explain what is written in scientific jargon. What you need is an expert who intimately understands the information and has the public speaking and teaching skills to get the attention of the court and hold it until everybody understands what the evidence says. A PhD scientist, accomplished orator, and exceptional teacher who has courtroom presence is what you need most. Dr. Monte Miller is the expert witness that can deliver the precious cargo of scientific understanding to the attorneys and courtroom in a simple and believable manner. Isn’t this the type of expert witness and testimony services that you need?  This decision is too important to take chances.

Forensic Training & DNA Seminars

Forensic DNA Experts believes in the value of understanding the evidence. There is nothing more powerful than an attorney who knows what questions to ask and which ones not to ask, and often times how to phrase the question and why. An attorney who truly recognizes what the evidence says and how it relates to the case can be a much more effective tool in convincing a jury and ultimately accomplishing his client’s needs.

Dr. Miller is available for training and seminars, for large groups, small offices or parties of one. We are available on a daily or weekly basis. For those who regularly use our services, training and seminars can be conducted for free, only travel and expenses are paid.

For those law offices dealing with issues of DNA and scientific results: If success for your clients is your goal, then having attorneys with a working grasp of this powerful technology may very well be key to their success or failure.