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Forensic DNA Cases

Forensic DNA Experts understands that cases come in all shapes, sizes, varieties and locales and is ready to meet your needs. We are available for any case that involves DNA, crime lab reports, crime scenes, paternity or kinship issues, or evidence of a biological origin. We are available to our clients 24/7/365, when necessary, to accommodate your needs at a time convenient to you. We handle cases both large and small, national and international, prosecution and defense, civil and military, criminal forensic or paternity, local or federal. If you need help simply to understand what the scientific evidence means and how it impacts your situation, or you need expert testimony, we can provide the expertise you need.

We provide interpretation of the science in a way that makes it meaningful and useful to those who need to understand complicated scientific information. Forensic DNA Experts has the education, experience, and training, to go with an unparalleled reputation for making this critical information understandable. Call us today if success matters.


We specialize in sexual assault cases. Dr. Miller is experienced as a crime lab analyst and as a consultant and sexual assault cases provide the majority of the workload. Each one requires great care and meticulous inspection, which is what we do best, in conjunction with an explanation of the scientific testing that makes the information understandable and useful.


Forensic DNA Experts specializes in Murder cases. Often these cases can be complex and difficult to understand, experience matters. Our training and experience with crime scenes often aids our clients in understanding the full depth of the evidence against them and how strong the evidence is when all of the relevant facts come to bear.


Forensic DNA Experts has traveled the globe to work for the US Military and worked for the court system abroad. We have proudly worked for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We enjoy the work and the travel that often accompanies military and international trials and we welcome these opportunities.


Dr. Miller has the experience and training to understand the testing and the issues in paternity and other kinship testing as the previous director of a laboratory that specialized in these matters. He has testified on these matters in court, provided hundreds of letters to various courts on kinship issues, and his written opinion has been quoted by the Board of Immigration Appeals which resulted in significant changes regarding US immigration policy covering DNA testing.


Often times sexual assault, murder, robbery, and other cases are accompanied by information and reports from the crime scene. Forensic DNA Experts has prior experience as a crime scene investigator and can also act as your consultant in this area for those cases where this experience is useful.


Forensic DNA Experts can be hired to function as a project manager for complex issues involving scientific testing. Many large cases have numerous lab reports across multiple scientific disciplines. Retesting may be necessary as well as formal reports, depositions and other science related activities. We can be counted on to organize and schedule all of this activity, ensure that deadlines are met and make certain that all aspects of the science and the information are in the right hands in a timely manner.

We are experienced in large project management requiring a point of contact and communication with multiple entities simultaneously. We can manage all of your consultants, experts, attorneys, and invested parties while keeping each one updated on the ever-changing situation and make sure all reports and activities are delivered as expected.