Forensic DNA Consulting

Forensic DNA Experts believes in providing a personalized service to each client. Every case is handled by a single dedicated PhD scientist who specializes in forensic DNA, genetics, and the biological testing that goes with it. We also offer a free forensic consultation to every client in order to help them better understand whether or not they need our services and how we can assist with their specific situation. So call or e-mail our DNA Consultant today for your free forensic consult.

Legal DNA Consulting

We understand that cases come in different sizes, shapes and colors, from attorneys and from individuals. We are dedicated to making sure that you have the best forensic consultant at your side during these times. We have experience and provide forensic consulting and expert witness services to a wide variety of clients in differing venues, including State, Federal, and Military Courts for forensic or paternity cases. We offer review of crime lab files and reports as well as post-trial appeal motions in addition to consultation and expert testimony. Sometimes only a letter is needed while other times weeks of work spread out over many months in necessary. Forensic DNA Experts can supply the expertise that you need.

Here at Forensic DNA Experts we believe in making ourselves available to our clients 24-7-365. We know that attorneys are notorious for burning the midnight oil and often times need to work through a situation at odd hours; we are here for you. You have our assurance that forensic consultants are here when you need them.

Forensic DNA Consultant Services

We also know that cases take time and planning and are often spread out over many months and can be subject to many delays, while other times your need is immediate and urgent. Whether your case is soon to go to trial and you need help quickly or you need us for the long haul, Forensic DNA Experts will work with you to help you get the expertise you need at the times you need it.

Forensic DNA Experts takes great pride in our ability to provide the most professional consultation service available. If fact, in less than 10% of our cases is it actually necessary for us to testify. While this does save our clients a great deal of money, that is by no means our main motivation. We find that educating the attorneys to understand the evidence and its implications, and working with them to devise the right questions, usually the opinions and statements that are desired can be extracted from the expert on the other side of the aisle. We feel that this method has a much more powerful effect on the judge or jury than simply having an opposing expert contradict or find fault with the previous testimony. Forensic DNA Experts does not shirk from testifying, in fact we relish it, but educating our attorney to the best of our ability always pays dividends for the client whether or not we are ultimately called on to testify.

If it is a forensic DNA expert that you need, then Forensic DNA Experts is your place. Call or e-mail us today for your free friendly consult.

Forensic Science Officer

Forensic DNA Experts can be hired to function as a case science officer. Many large cases have numerous lab reports across multiple scientific disciplines. Retesting may be necessary as well as formal reports, depositions and other science related activities.

We can be counted on to organize and schedule all of this activity, ensure that deadlines are met and make certain that all aspects of the science and the information are in the right hands in a timely manner. We are well prepared to organize and keep all of your consultants, experts, attorneys, and clients abreast of the ever-changing situation and make sure all reports and activities are delivered as expected.

We also have experts and labs that we have worked with in the past that we can recommend should the situation arise where additional expertise is required.

Call Forensic DNA Experts today if organization of large amounts of scientific related activity is needed.