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  • Cold Case Assistance

Paternity DNA Consulting

Dr. Monte Miller of Forensic DNA Experts is the consultant of choice for matters pertaining to paternity and kinship. As the former director of a lab that specialized in these matters, Dr. Miller has the education, experience and training to understand and explain the complexities of genetic comparisons. Understanding the issues and statistics in paternity is important, but having an expert who can explain the results is vital. Whether you are an attorney who needs a paternity expert witness for a case or an individual who has questions and needs a kinship consultant to answer your questions about a report or the process, Forensic DNA Experts is here to help you.

Human Genetics

Helping others to understand human genetics is what we do. Whether you need to understand crime lab or paternity reports we have the expertise you need and we can fully explain these reports in detail so that you can understand what the reports say and how to proceed further. We are available to write letters or to appear in person on these matters.

Whatever your needs may be, Forensic DNA Experts provides a free consultation to clients in order to ascertain how we may be able to assist you with your situation and if you need and can benefit by our services. Please contact us today with your questions.