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Sexual Assault DNA Specialist

Forensic DNA Experts specializes in evaluating sexual assault charges and the evidence that goes with it. We handle everything that relates to DNA evidence, but sexual assault charges have a special type of testing and crime labs pay particular attention to the type of body fluid where the DNA originated. Sexual Assault charges bring a unique kind of trial that has a specific kind of evidence, one where you need to have an expert go through it for you. Having a scientist with education, training, and experience in this field to evaluate this complex information is crucial.

For most crimes like murder and burglary the agencies are likely to look for DNA in an effort to identify the individual and be able to place him or her at the scene. However, in sexual assaults great attention is focused on what the bodily fluid is, where it originated, and how it came to be in its present location in addition to identifying the underlying DNA. The crime lab may test for semen, saliva, amylase, urine, or blood and the verdict may well hinge on the accuracy and specificity of these tests, some of which are unreliable. Many of these inconclusive results should be questioned, but a knowledgeable scientist with expertise in this specific area is required to understand the crime lab report and contest the questionable results. Forensic DNA Experts is ready to work with you to discredit disputable scientific conclusions. If you are involved in a sexual assault case that hinges on the testing of these and other biological fluids and substances, you owe it to yourself or your client to contact us today. Forensic DNA Experts is a company dedicated to the understanding of these tests, their limitations, and helping you to challenge them in court.